We're Going To The Place Where 100,000's Of People Are Leaving

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That’s what humans do. They solve problems, they fix things when they’re broken, and they move forward.  As investors, the best way to ride that wave of recovery up is to first understand the bigger picture.

This Investment Costs Five Cents With Almost Zero Downside Risk

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So what will happen when the price of nickel (the metal) goes up? The melt value of a nickel coin will go up, which means that the value of the nickel coin will be worth more than five cents. 

Accredited Investor… Wait I Mean, Accredited Interrogator

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As an investor, if you rely on the regulators who can’t even understand Facebook, let alone create realistic accredited investor guidelines, you’re going to be left in a world that has passed you by.

San Francisco, What is Wrong With You?

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It’s just very strange to see the extreme wealth and success juxtaposed to the filth and ‘broken-ness’. I’m tempted to make some sort of comparison to our current stock market and economy in general. Kind of like, “Everything looks fancy and great on the surface, but it’s a big pile of crap just below.”

The Decay of Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has the best real estate opportunities I have ever seen. That's a bold statement, as I've looked into and invested in many markets throughout the world.  The new information that I learned has to do with the banks and how they are dealing with the real estate that they have on their books. Let's just say that things are going to get very interesting.

In Puerto Rico, The Night is Darkest Just Before Dawn

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For the minority who understands the bigger picture, there is a tremendous opportunity to position yourself now before the majority realizes what’s going on. Because when the rest of the herd catches on, most of the profits will be gone.