The traditional path to success doesn’t work anymore. It’s broken.

College tuition is astronomical, our economy is a house of cards, and the idea of working your way up the ladder is simply outdated.

The outlook for many who are near the start of their lives, versus the end, is daunting.

There seems to be enormous amounts of negativity and challenges. Breaking through the success barrier seems almost impossible.

But, what many people don’t realize is that where there are lots of issues, there are lots of opportunities. It’s just a matter of shifting your perspective.

That’s what I do. I take the traditional expectations that everyone has for you and I turn it upside down.

I hope you’re thinking, “Who the heck is this guy and why would he know about any of this?”

After graduating from college and getting a ‘job,’ I quickly became disenchanted with what the future held for me.

During my time at this ‘job,’ I traveled the world and invested in anything that interested me.

Then, while I was at this ‘job’ I was involved in several life changing events. These were violent and horrific events that I hope no one has to experience.

However, I tried to take the best out of the events and push forward with what I learned… and that one thing is freedom.

The freedom to enjoy experiences, build relationships and live the life you want.

I have seen life, I have seen death (a lot of death) and I can say without a doubt that the pursuit of happiness takes courage and wealth.

Wealth is a tricky word these days. Is it money? Is it knowledge? Is it tangible assets?

Well, the short answer is that it is everything.

Being wealthy is something that comes with obtaining pure and unadulterated freedom.

The hard part is that you can’t get wealth without courage.

Courage is what we all need in order to follow what we actually want in our lives.

And that’s what I’m all about –

Before we get too much further down this rabbit hole, let’s talk about why I’m here and why you are reading this.

We all know that it’s not all that easy to just make freedom in your life, walk away from all of your obligations and become financially independent.

It’s not all unicorns and rainbows and I will be the first one to admit that.

Truthfully I’ve lived a bit of a double life since I was in high school.

On one hand I followed the “traditional” path of pursuing the American dream. I graduated high school went to college, played collegiate sports, got a degree and then landed a career. I then did what I was “destined” to accomplish…  I got married, bought a house, a few cars, dog and everything else that you see in the movies.

That was all great… well kind of…

The other me, is a guy that loves to sleep in the dirt and surf. Traveling like a vagabond with my surfboard and bumming my way around the globe, like a modern day adventurer.

Somewhere along my journey of life, the American dreamer and the vagabonding adventurer met.

This marriage is the true me, the free me.

Through my unique perspective, combined with a passion for exploration, I have secured worldwide investments, met incredibly connected and interesting people and attained a wealth of assets.

Ranging from a private point break in Panama, to banking friends in Hong Kong, to equity stakes in multiple privately held companies throughout the world, my portfolio grows daily.

Whether it’s Colombia, Monaco, Denmark, Australia, Indonesia or China, I’ve got someone there who I’ve made great friendships with.

So what’s my point?

No matter how dialed in or successful you are, there is always a balance to how you live your life of freedom.

Join me as a share outlooks on life, investment insights and wealth building strategies.

The part where I prove my accomplishments:

Ya, I know, you want to know what I’ve actually done… You want to know that I’m not some talking head spewing BS.

I’ve invested in, advised or helped build the following companies: House Beer, The Sunshield, Sprayable, Digitzs, Azuero Capital and many more…

I’ve bought and sold real estate in several countries and am currently involved in three large-scale development projects.

I’ve lost money, made money, been robbed, scammed, helped and lied to on multiple occasions.

Done business in China, Panama, Colombia, Singapore, Hong Kong and whatever else weird place there is out there.

I’m friends with or a member of different groups that range from jungle surf clubs to the exclusive Atlas 400.

I’m not perfect and certainly not an expert; but rather a jack of all trades, master of none and a vagabond explorer with an endless curiosity for what’s around the next corner.