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Most people don’t know how to make money by investing and get terrible advice from people with hidden agendas.

We travel the world making investments for a living... all while building a global network of powerful allies.

Investors who join us become smarter, more interesting, better connected people, all while creating a portfolio of investments that will pay them for years to come.


Through my unique perspective, combined with a passion for exploration, I have secured worldwide investments, met incredibly connected and interesting people and attained a wealth of assets.

Ranging from a private point break in Panama, to banking friends in Hong Kong, to equity stakes in multiple privately held companies throughout the world, my portfolio grows daily.

Whether it’s Colombia, Monaco, Ukraine, Denmark, Australia, Indonesia or China, I’ve got someone there who I’ve made great friendships with.

The part where I prove my accomplishments:

Ya, I know, you want to know what I've actually done... You want to know that I'm not some talking head spewing BS.

I've invested in, advised or helped build the following companies: House Beer, The Sunshield, Sprayable, Digitzs, Azuero Capital and many more...

I've bought and sold real estate in several countries and am currently involved in three large-scale development projects.

I've lost money, made money, been robbed, scammed, helped and lied to on multiple occasions.

Done business in China, Panama, Colombia, Singapore, Hong Kong and whatever else weird place there is out there.

I'm friends with or a member of different groups that range from jungle surf clubs to the exclusive Atlas 400.

I'm not perfect and certainly not an expert; but rather a jack of all trades, master of none and a vagabond explorer with an endless curiosity for what's around the next corner.